Star Wars Imperial Assault Game Is In Stores Now

Fantasy Flight Games announced today that Star Wars Imperial Assault is in stores.

Local board game retailers should have the game, one of the most highly anticipated of 2014, and it is in stock at a few online retailers. is selling the game for $74.99 plus shipping. is selling the game via The War Store for $83.75 with free shipping, while The War Store’s website is still offering preorders for $79.99. Miniatures Market’s website is also listing the game as a preorder, for $74.96 plus shipping.

Star Wars Imperial Assault is based on the classic dungeon crawl Descent. The box includes two games.

“In the campaign game,” said Fantasy Flight in a news release, “up to four players command heroes of the Rebellion, battling against a single Imperial player in a narrative campaign that changes every time you play through it.

“The skirmish game, on the other hand, gives you the chance to go head-to-head with a single opponent – mustering your own armies and fighting to complete conflicting objectives.”

Is this game on your wish list? If so, will you buy it now or wait?

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