After Gall Trayvis’s betrayal, the Rebels attempt to turn the tables on the Empire by hijacking its Holonet broadcast network and sending their own message of rebellion. However, Grand Moff Tarkin arrives to Lothal, pressuring the Imperials to take harsher measures against the rebellion.

The first season finale of Star Wars Rebels has a startling start, as everything the season has built up to is starting to take shape. From Ezra’s training as a Jedi, to the risks his parents took as rebels themselves, to the revelation of other rebel cells across the galaxy. The last one is somewhat foreshadowed before between Bail Organa’s early appearance in “Droids in Distress” and the enigma of Fulcrum, but now the possibility is open for the cells to join together and resemble the Rebel Alliance that is seen in the classic films.

Tarkin’s appearance also heightens the danger of the Empire. The scene where he has the Inquisitor kill Aresko and Grint is an effective way to show his ruthlessness, actually selling the Empire as a threat after nearly a season of bumbling losses. The Inquisitor, unsurprisingly, takes down Kanan, this time capturing him for Tarkin.

Ezra’s message to the citizens of Lothal, imploring them to take action against the Empire, is a culmination of everything he has learned since joining the crew. It makes sense that he delivers the message, in terms of character and story, but his actually delivery feels somewhat weak, and lacks the pathos it should have. The ending has a more successful effect, with our heroes, minus Kanan, on a state of uncertainty, accompanied by eerie radio static. Considering the tone of the ending and Kanan’s mention of sacrifice in order to achieve freedom, it will be interesting to see what the rebels will lose to win the battle.

“Call to Action” sets the tone for the season finale by closing out Ezra’s development so far, while the rebels strike a major blow against the Empire and Tarkin raises the stakes. No matter how the season ends, it will be impossible for both sides to remain unscathed.

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