Today’s episode of Star Wars Rebels involves more rebellious activities as the crew is on a mission to protect the rebellious senator Gall Trayvis from an Imperial ambush by Agent Kallus.

After fun misadventures with Lando, this episode returns the focus on Ezra’s growth as a Jedi when he receives vision that his hero, Trayvis, meets them and knew of his parents. Unfortunately, the vision only represents half the story, taking the heroes off-guard when the Empire sets a trap for them.

This series’s streak of strong episodes continues with “Vision of Hope”, as the Empire’s latest trap proves to be intriguing, and is successful at highlighting all the members of the group, from Kanan’s intuition to Hera’s cleverness, and even Chopper’s homicidal tendencies. Even Zare Leonis, the spy within the Empire first seen in “Breaking Ranks”, makes a welcome return as an informant, an element that adds to the worldbuilding of the series.

This episode feels like a sequel to “Empire Day” between the locations re-explored and the resolution of the fate of Ezra’s parents. The way it is revealed is heartbreaking and it does set up the question of whether or not Ezra will resent Hera or the rest of the gang for hiding this fact for so long. Trayvis turns out to be a traitor working for the Empire, and Brent Spiner displays the character’s cowardice very well. His last exchange with Ezra and Kallus is a bit ambiguous on whether or not he regrets selling out to the Empire, however.

Trayvis’s double cross should have been obvious considering the fact that his information led to the crew to a trap in “Rise of the Old Masters”. In fact, plenty of pieces set up in the show’s early episodes are beginning to take form and pay off. If there is one criticism with the series so far, is that many of the adventures feel rather aimless beyond stopping the Empire, and lacks a central main plot. The Empire’s “five-year plan” for Outer Rim colonies provides a solid premise, but it has not been followed upon since.

“Vision of Hope” is another strong entry with action, suspense, and humor. Some elements are beginning to pay off, but hopefully the wait is not long in forming a long-term premise in the series.

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