Star Wars Rebels: Fire Across The Galaxy

The rebels go on their most dangerous mission yet as they head to the Mustafar Sector to rescue Kanan from Tarkin’s Star Destroyer and the Inquisitor’s torture. Their rescue operation goes through some twists and turns, promising to change their status quo. Spoilers ahead.

Everything comes to a head as the heroes use the stolen Tie Fighter and Fulcrum’s help in order to save Kanan. Seeing some of the previously-established elements like the stolen ship, Bail Organa, and Fulcrum come together was rewarding to see. Ezra’s deal with Vizago is not addressed, but hey, you have to save something for season two, right?

The highlight of the episode is definitely the final battle of Kanan and Ezra versus Inquisitor. The final showdown is easily one of the best animated fights the show has to offer, and a culmination of Kanan and Ezra’s relationship. It was unexpected to see the two heroes trade light-sabers, and when Ezra’s death seemed definite, Kanan’s strength in using the Force without turning to the Dark Side was something to be admired, and so was his destruction of the Inquisitor’s light-saber.

The rest of the team also gets some time to shine, from Sabine’s artistry and explosives, to Hera’s leadership, and Chopper’s resourcefulness, in particular when getting in contact with Bail Organa and Fulcrum for a last-minute save. Poor Zeb is the only one that does not have a moment to shine, but the show is still young enough to change that.

As far as some complaints go, this finale feels uneven as a two-parter. While the first part, “Rebel Resolve” aired two weeks beforehand, that previous episode does not feel like part of a two-parter, with both of these episodes feeling structured like separate episodes. In addition, the Inquisitor’s death feel very sudden. As a villain, he was successful in keeping the heroes in their toes. But as a character, he felt rather underdeveloped and one-dimensional.

In addition, this really is not the show’s flaw as it is the marketing team’s, but the advertisements for this episode, as well as in the previous episodes, tend to spoil too much from the episodes. Darth Vader’s surprise appearance would have been a great moment that was undermined by his constant appearance in commercials. Fulcrum, who is revealed to be Ahsoka Tano, fares better, having been properly foreshadowed without revealing too much.

“Fire Across The Galaxy” ties most of the elements in this season together, bringing the rebel cells together and making a statement against the Empire. While there is a missed opportunity with the Inquisitor and some spoiled twists, the finale is still exciting and satisfying. Between the dissent in Lothal and Vader’s interference, the stakes will start to rise from here.

What do you think of this season finale? What do you think awaits our heroes in season two?

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