After the intense training Ezra had to go through, Star Wars Rebels takes a breather and has some fun shenanigans in “Idiot’s Array”.

The crew is forced to transport some bizarre cargo after Zeb loses a game of Sabacc to Lando Calrissian, and places Chopper as part of the bet. They run afoul of both the Empire and a crime lord when Lando continually complicates their plan.

This episode, similar to “Fighter Flight”, does not really advance the story further and is mainly there to have fun with the characters, and particularly the guest star, Billy Dee Williams as Lando. However, this episode thrives on far stronger and more varied humor than just slapstick. Kanan, of all people, provides some of the funniest moments, including a callback to the “Does you lightsaber do that?” running gag.

Lando is excellently played by Williams, following the likes of Anthony Daniels as C-3PO and Frank Oz as Yoda. He proves to be a slimy “ally” to the crew, and his constant deceptions and manipulations keep the others in their toes in an amusing way. However, the true MVPs of the episode would have to be Hera and Chopper, for their smarts, strength, and wit in ultimately fooling Lando. It was great, in particular, to see Hera’s faith in her crew highlighted.

It was also neat to see a different threat than usual. While we do see the Empire in a brief scene, the antagonists were a crime lord named Azmorigan and his henchmen. The conflict with the Empire was proving to be a bit repetitive, so it was refreshing to see other space criminals, and James Hong was fun as Azmorigan. We also got to see Ezra use his lightsaber as a blaster, progressing his Jedi storyline from last time without dwelling on it too much.

While some of the slapstick with the cargo creature was a bit too much, “Idiot’s Array” was a fun episode and an excellent way to unwind from the Jedi and Empire storylines before returning to them.

What do you think of this episode? Would you like Lando to make good on his promise and see our heroes again?

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