The Star Wars Celebration convention has just premiered a brand new trailer that previews season two of Star Wars Rebels.  

The season will pick up from the ending of the “Fire Across The Galaxy”, where Ahsoka Tano was (re)introduced and revealed to be Fulcrum, as well as hinted to be an occasional ally to the crew. In addition, the heroes will be involved in larger scale missions with other rebel cells against the Empire, particularly Darth Vader.

The trailer features the return of other beloved Clone Wars characters, such as Captain Rex and Hondo. Rex, as well as other retired Clone fighters, are shown to gave gone through accelerated aging as a side effect of the cloning process. Dee Bradley Baker and Jim Cummings will reprise their respective roles.

The larger stakes are also showcased, with a growing presence of the Empire on Lothal, including larger involvement from Vader himself, Star Destroyers patrolling Lothal’s skies, and new Inquisitors becoming involved. Darth Sidious, the Emperor himself, can also be overheard ordering Vader, which is consistent with the rumors of Sam Witwer voicing him once again.

The main characters also sport some different looks. Sabine’s hair is dyed with blue and green now, with a blue left shoulder plate that has a Frynock drawing. Ezra continues to have the facial scars from the season finale, and Kanan at one point will disguise himself as a Stormtrooper and wear a silver shoulder plate instead of his green one.

What do you think of the developments going on this season on Star Wars Rebels? Do you think Kanan and Ezra will survive their encounter with Darth Vader?

Watch the trailer below and comment on it below!