StarKist Settles Lawsuit With Cash Or Tuna

StarKist Co., manufacturer and distributor of canned tuna products across America, has settled a lawsuit against them out of court.

According to the website declaring the suit, StarKist Co. under-filled certain 5 oz. canned tuna products in violation of state and federal law. The court did not rule in favor of either the Plaintiff or StarKist. Instead, the parties agreed to a proposed settlement to avoid the expense and risks of continuing the lawsuit.

The settlement applies to residents of America who purchased from StarKist products between February 19, 2009 through October 31, 2014. The affected products are five ounce cans of Chunk Light Tuna in Water, Chunk Light Tuna in Oil, Solid White Tuna in Water, and Solid White Tuna in Oil. Claimants can opt for either a lump sum of $25, or $50 worth of tuna. The deadline to file a claim is November 20, 2015. Those who wish to file a claim, may do so on the aforementioned website. A direct link to begin the filing process, can be found here.

StarKist, owned by Dongwon Industries, which operates from Korea, denies any unlawful actions.

Do you ever feel like those little cans seem a bit under-filled? Does this lawsuit even affect you? Did you keep the receipt? As always, let us know in the comments below.

Consumer Expert Scott Wilkins

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