HTC One Stealth Black 32 GB & 64 GB available at AT&TStealth Black 32 GB and 64 GB HTC One’s are now available from AT&T.

It’s been few weeks since HTC One made way on the carrier, but only the silver color option was available prior to today.

Sprint has been selling the Stealth Black 32 GB version for a few weeks.

Shoppers interested in purchasing the Stealth Black HTC One from AT&T can now do so. The price is the same as the silver AT&T HTC One.

The Stealth Black HTC One 64 GB as an AT&T exclusive.

Customers can get the 32 GB version for $199.99 on a two-year contract. The phone is listed at $499.99 on a one-year contract.

The 64 GB version is available for $299.99 on a two-year contract, $549.99 on a one-year contract.

HTC One is a strong competitor for the Galaxy S4.