Steve Jobs Biography In Stores Today

Steve Jobs Biography In Stores Today

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, hit stores today. Both the hard cover and Kindle editions of the biography are ranked #1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers lists.

Steve Jobs is, of course, the cofounder of Apple who recently died of pancreatic cancer. He was the driving force behind revolutionary changes in consumer computing Steve-Jobs,-A-Biographyand electronics. His innovations drove not only changes to hardware and software, but also in marketing and the way people interact with their computers… and the companies who make them.

Isaacson’s book is based on over 40 interviews the author had with Steve Jobs over a two-year period. He also interviewed over one hundred family members, friends, competitors colleagues and adversaries.

Jobs asked Isaacson to do the biography after being diagnosed with cancer and knowing his time was limited. Jobs placed no restrictions on the subject matter, and did not even ask for the right to read the book prior to publication. Many found this to be at odds with the Steve Jobs they knew, who tightly controlled his image and privacy during most of his public life.

Prior to writing Steve Jobs’ biography, Isaacson wrote “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life”, “Einstein: His Life and Universe”, “Kissinger: A Biography”, and was the coauthor of “The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made”.

‘Steve Jobs’ is available in hardcover for $17.88 at most major book retailers. Both the Kindle and Nook versions are $16.99.

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