Suave: Moroccan Infused Dry Shampoo Review

After my first experience with dry shampoo, I gave up on the idea.  It left white residue in my hair, making my roots look lighter than the rest of my hair, and after about an hour, my hair looked even greasier than before.  In hindsight, I used a terrible dry shampoo and didn’t give them a proper chance.

After some recommendations from a friend, I decided to give the Suave Professionals line a try.

I picked up their Moroccan Infused dry shampoo and was pleasantly surprised, both by the price and the quality.  For less than five dollars, this dry shampoo did more for my hair than the other, more expensive brand.

This dry shampoo is light and fluffy, giving my hair more volume and that wonderful texture that everyone talks about with dry shampoos.  It removes the excess oil from my hair and leaves it looking almost freshly washed without the white leftover color in my roots.

I can’t say enough about the smell, either.  After using this dry shampoo, I find myself getting a whiff of my own hair throughout the day and loving the way it smells.  It’s a fresh, light scent without being overwhelming.

The Suave Professionals dry shampoo is marketed for all hair types.

Have you tried the Suave dry shampoo?  Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

Consumer Expert Meg Thomson

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