Suddenly Cajuns Are “HOT” On TV

Suddenly Cajuns Are “HOT” On TV

This Sudden Sensation with The Cajun Nation.

“Ah yeah yeah ba,” at my last count we were filming 10, count them 10, television shows in Louisiana. Two of them are beating Network Shows in their timeslots.

WOW! My DNA, my heritage, my way of life and I’M FAMOUS!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that “chooten gators”, making duck calls, running a bait shop or a seafood wholesaler could make one of “US” famous.

But, ah, it has.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad that people are appreciating our culture, our heritage and especially glad that they are realizing that there is more to Louisiana than “New Orleans”!

Mon Dieu, New Orleans is not even Cajun! It is a Parisian City, established by Napoleon.

Now people are seeing the “REAL” Louisiana. The people who are survivors. The people who would do without themselves to make sure family and friends had what they needed. These, mon ami’s, are real Cajuns.

Now what I’d love for people to see, is how we got to be this way. I’d like people to know what our ancestors went through in Canada in the 1700’s between England, France and oh yea, “YOUR” good ole Founding Fathers.

I want people to know how the English came in and took our homes, businesses, land and some of our women.

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying “we were worthless people without a home or a land,” France wouldn’t allow us to come back and in some cases the British enslaved us. And one that REALLY gets to me (maybe because my ancestors were on that particular ship), a ship full of Acadians (original French in Canada) sat on the beaches of Virginia for six months because the Haughty, High Falutin British didn’t want them unless they agreed to be slaves.

Do yourself a great favor if you are a fan of any of our new found fame, read about, “The Great Expulsion.” When you read about what these brave people went through, then you can understand why we don’t run from Hurricanes! In contemplating my next book title, I go back and forth with; “You might be a Cajun if:” or “And you wonder why Cajuns learned Voodoo?”

All joking aside, it time for this story to be told and for people to pay attention to it. Three hundred years of history, mystery, murder and mayhem. It’s going to be a Hell of a read, I guarantee!

Consumer Expert Maline LaNoux

Born and raised in the land of the "Swamp People", my family has been here for 300 years. I am a 3rd generation medium, spiritual healer and seer. I have published one book, so far.... "Spirits of Louisiana; Experiences of a Cajun Medium. I have appeared on the SyFy Chanel, wrote numerous articles for Paranormal Publications and have been advisor on two other Cable TV shows.