Suns and Magic Agree To Deal For Vince Carter

The Orlando Magic has, it appears, decided to do a trade. 

It was rumored earlier this week that they were close to closing a deal for the swap of Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas.  But, it appears they decided today to mix up their rolls even more.  It is being reported that the Suns and Magic have agreed to a six player concession centered around Vince Carter packing his bags for Phoenix.

Phoenix will certainly benefit from this deal since besides Vince, they will receive the “big man” Gortat and shed Turkoglu, who has not been producing this season.  They will also pick up Earl Clark, the player that was stuck to the bench.  Orlando, for their part, must be betting that Turkoglu can get things moving again and help them make it to the finals as he did a few years back.

This trade is coming as a surprise.  Fans knew something was afoot, but it is doubtful that many knew of the magnitude of the changes they are about to see on the court.

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