Super-Wide 58 Inch Vizio HDTV Available In March

Super-Wide 58 Inch Vizio HDTV Available In March

Vizio is coming out with a super-wide 58 inch, 3D, smart, HDTV. It’s due to hit US stores in March.

Currently, HDTV’s normally have a 16:9 aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and height of the screen. Our old-fashioned TV sets were 4:3. HDTV’s came along with a 16:9 (widescreen) ratio. But even at that ratio, our HDTV’s don’t match the ratio of the movies you see in theaters.

Vizio’s new super-wide HD TV will have an aspect ratio of 21:9. It measures 29 inches in height, 56.7 inches wide. When watching something with an aspect ratio higher than 16:9, the entire screen will be filled. When watching something filmed in 16:9, the user Vizio-CinemaWide-HDTVwill have a choice of scaling it up or… having a portion of the screen blank or… having entirely different content to the side of screen, such as Facebook, twitter, or Vizio Internet Apps.

It will be called the Vizio 58-inch 3-D LED CinemaWide. According to a report on USAToday, it will have a price tag of $3,499.99. The price includes 4 pairs of 3D glasses, a Bluetooth keyboard, and Bluetooth remote control.

This isn’t the first super-wide HDTV in the world, but it is the first that will be available to shoppers here in the US. Vizio plans to come out with a 50 inch model, and a whooping 71 inch model, later this year.

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