Super Win the Game Captivates with Nostalgia

To all retro gamers out there, Super Win the Game is the one thing that will make you relive those glorious video game days of the 90’s.

The game takes a page (or a few) out of the Nintendo handbook in its branding, when everything being updated had either the prefix “Super” or suffix ”64.” Being the sequel to 2012’s You Have to Win the Game, the measure is appropriately well applied.

But that’s not the only thing that is taken – the whole game could have seemed like someone took all the cool parts of the Nintendo games and put them in a blender, taking palettes that exactly resembles Super Mario Bros., Metroid, and even Final Fantasy levels.

Super Win the Game is definitely an homage to the NES and SNES days. The game’s soundtrack is reminiscent of the “chiptunes” programmed into the cartridges themselves.

Those looking for linear gameplay may have to look someplace else, as Super Win the Game takes the platforming, RPG, and exploring genres all into account, creating an epic 8-bit like game that satiates that kid inside us all who not only played video games, but wanted to imagine what being in those games felt like.

These days, that desire seems to be bridged all to well.

If I had any complaints about this game, it’s the lack of multiplayer. While I am an advocate for the single-player game style, there’s room for that friend to still come over and play co-op with you. Yet, we are left to desire more, unfortunately.

Of course in this day in age, there’s the magic of “DLC,” and we can always be catered to what is needed in a game way after being released.


Super Win the Game is available on Steam for a 10% discount now!

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