Supernatural: Season 10 Official Promo Trailer Released

The official trailer for season 10 of CW’s Supernatural has been released.

At the beginning of the trailer we are reminded of where season 9 left off with Dean turning into a demon, and we  hear the voice of Demon Dean speaking to Sam.

We also see Sam sifting through old family photos in Dean’s room and cut to what appears to be his torturing a female demon for information on Dean’s whereabouts.

As the video continues, Crowley is still in the picture, attempting to convince Deanmon, as he was labeled in the promo, to band together with him to form “the perfect hell.”

As has been hinted by the show’s actors, Deanmon is shown in the trailer to have little care for others and a preoccupation with his own pleasure. At Comic Con 2014,  Jensen Ackles, who portrays Dean, hinted that the character is now, “a Dean without any care in the world, so much so that it’s scary how little he cares about any and everybody, even himself.” He also stated there is nothing comedic about the change in Dean’s character.

We are given a few glimpses of Castiel as he fights another angel and is found by Crowley, with both scenes possibly relating to each other.

In addition, it is revealed Sam had captured Dean at some point, but he escaped his bonds and begins hunting Sam through the Bunker.

The premiere of Supernatural airs on October 7.

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