Surviving The 2014 Super Bowl… When You Aren’t Into Football

Surviving The 2014 Super Bowl… When You Aren’t Into Football

Tomorrow is Super Bowl XLVIII.  If you’re a sports fan your probably counting down the hours until kickoff.

If you’re not a sports fan, but are stuck watching due to your spouse/family or friends, you’re probably counting down the hours until it’s over

Luckily,  I have some tips that might help make this Super Bowl bearable, or better yet, enjoyable.

1. Learn about football.   A lot of people don’t like football because they don’t understand it.  YouTube, Yahoo and the all have information for beginners.

You can also ask a friend to explain-just make sure you ask BEFORE the game, not during it.

2. Learn about the players.  Knowing the players personal stories might help you to connect with them and make you want to root for them.  Before you know it you’ll be screaming” go, go, touchdown! ”

3. Concentrate on the commercials.  Even avid sports fans love the Super Bowl ads.  So think of them as the main attraction and the game as the filler between.

4. Host the Super Bowl party.  If you’re hosting you’ll be too busy taking care of your guests to watch.

5. If none of the above works, plaster on a smile and fake it.  After all its only one day , you got 364 non- Super Bowl days to enjoy.

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