T-Mobile Removing Company Discount Plan

T-Mobile Removing Company Discount Plan

T-Mobile is changing its current employer discounts plan, effective April 1.

Under the current plan, users who get a discount on their personal bills through their company can claim a percentage off the total cost of their bill each month.

Once the change comes into effect, users will no longer get a monthly discount, but will instead become part of a reward card system where they get $25 off a device every time they upgrade or purchase a new phone.

According to T-Mobile this change will make the system more streamlined and fair by implementing a flat rate discount which is the same for everyone instead of varying discounts for different users depending on their company’s agreement with T-Mobile.

John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile stated in a recent blog post that this move could save a family of four up to $100 a year off their mobile costs if they upgrade annually.

Users who signed up before Feb 3 will still be able to receive their discount on existing lines as well as adding new lines to their account. Other services which are part of the employer rate plan are not expected to be affected.

Do you think a $25 reward card is better than a monthly discount? Have your say in the comments below.

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