T-Mobile To Put Limit On Use Of Data While Roaming

According to a new document leaked by T-Mobile, the carrier will begin limiting the use of data while roaming.. The limit will be 5 GB and starts on April 5th. After that date, once a user reaches that limit they will no longer be able to send or receive data while roaming. They will still be able to send/receive data through Wi-Fi or once they return to the T-Mobile network.

The leaked document was published today by TmoNews. Just yesterday we reported about a leak that TmoNews published concerning T-Mobile offering support to customers who use unlocked iPhones on their network.

T-Mobile makes it clear in the documents that they will not be pursuing a strategy of reducing data speeds. When the limit is reached, data roaming ceases. The total allowance for roaming data use will be reset each cycle. T-Mobile will be providing details of the new limit to customers through billing inserts, e-mails and texts starting next month. T-Mobile refers to the change as a cost-cutting measure designed to help keep their rates competitive.

Customers coming close to the data roaming limit will be notified by text when they reach 80%, and 100%, of the total allowance.

Certain accounts and connections are exempt from the limit. These include T-Mobile employee accounts, business and government accounts, small business accounts, mobile broadband rate plans, text and picture messaging, and international voice and data roaming.

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