Children have been learning in the analog sphere of life since the beginning of human history, but does that mean that the new way of digital life is detrimental to kids development?

Reducing screen time has been shown to improve mood, as well as attention span of children aged 1-5, but experts say you should monitor your child’s digital interaction.

Screen time guidelines according to, say that children under two years old should have no screen time, and over the age of two should be limited to one or two hours a day. It is also worth noting that even if ads say that the video media is ‘educational’ it will not improve development.

All shoppers with children know that there are some times when the tablet or TV is indispensable when it comes to things we parents need to get done, such as cooking, cleaning or just having some ‘me time’. But there are times when parents should recognize when it’s time to put down the tablet or smartphone.

According to research done by U.S. National Library of Medicine on the subject, too much screen time can make it hard for kids to sleep at night, raise the risk of attention problems, anxiety, and depression, as well as increase the risk of obesity.  Many people prefer to teach the basics like writing and reading using the tried and true method of paper and pen, but with the world changing so rapidly, how soon until that is abandoned for the screen?

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