targetThis week, Target caught up with Amazon by expanding their subscription service tenfold to include nearly 1,600 products.

A wide array of items, ranging from socks, pet supplies, beauty products, cleaning products, and other household staples are now available for regular delivery.

This service comes with several perks, including a 5% discount (plus another 5% off if payment is made with a Target card) and free shipping and returns. You can choose to schedule your shipments in four, six, eight, 10, or 12-week installments.

This is an expansion of the subscription service Target launched last fall for parents. The limited subscription service, which allowed parents to order diapers and other baby supplies on a regular basis, was so successful that Target decided to step up its game.

This expansion is also a strategy to win back the customers they lost to Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program.

Amazon has a long history of stealing Target’s and other retailers’ customers by undercutting their prices and offering the convenience of shopping at home.

With this expansion, Target will soon join Amazon as one of the biggest leaders in the subscription service industry.

If you’re interested in giving this new service a spin, you can head over to Target Subscriptions to get started.