“How many red rings surround the bullseye on the Target logo?”

This is the question from Thursday night’s game show, Million Dollar Money Drop, which has cursed a flurry on the web with fans bewildered and confused by this somewhat simple question.

Could you answer that question on the spot without resorting to the Internet? Sure it sounds easy enough? You’ve seen the Target logo many times and you should remember it just like that shouldn’t you?

Thursday night, Million Dollar Money Drop featured two friends, Sherman Mitchell and Omar Williams as they were trying to cash in on a million dollar prize.

The other question asked was: according to Orkin, what creature is the number one pest problem in America? Ants, bedbugs or roaches.

Mitchell and Williams got both questions correct.

If you’re still pondering how many rings do in fact surround the bullseye on the Target logo, I’ll relieve you from your thinking. There is only one red ring in the logo. Inside of the ring is a circle which is “the bullseye.”

And according to Orkin, ants are the number one pest problem in America.

Million Dollar Money Drop is a high stakes game show. Two contestants are handed one million dollars in cash and you they need to do to win it is simply answer seven questions.

When a question is revealed, the two contestants must debate and decide the answer(s) on which they’ll risk all of their money. If they’re confident they can place it all on the one answer or if the pressure of it all is causing them grief, they may hedge their bets and spread the money across a few answers.

When the time is up and they have allocated all of their money, the team steps up to the drop to find out how they went. As the game progresses, the questions get harder and the answers become fewer. However, after the seven questions have been asked and answered, whatever cash is left on the table is theirs to keep.

Endemol USA produces Million Dollar Money Drop, the executive producer is Jeff Apploff (“Don’t forget the lyrics!”) and Garry Bormet and Jack Martin are co-executive producers.