TargetThe Target Cooperation has been in the news a lot lately concerning their recent canning of Paula Deen, the once loved, and newly defamed, food network superstar.

However, on a more positive note, Target has announced plans to open up a slew of locations across Canada.

Target has already opened a up total of 68 stores in throughout the region and, according to this newly released information, have plans to open an additional 124 new locations before the end of the year.

Locations and Dates

According to Target, the Canadian expansion will begin on the 17th of September with 14 new locations to be opened on that date and an additional 9 stores by the middle of October.

The locations that will be receiving these new stores include: 

  • Quebec (7 locations)

  • Ontario (4 locations)

  • Nova Scotia (5 locations)

 *note!: While reading the press release I noticed an inconsistency in the information. A total of 14 store locations were announced to be opened by the 17th and yet, if you were to take a closer look at the data, you would notice that there are actually a lot more than that (24) in the listing of stores to be opened on that date. *

 Why Canada?

The Canadian culture, much like that of the US, is rapidly becoming one that is steeped in consumerism. Walmart, their main rivals, managed to realize this fact early on in the game made it a point to make their presence felt in in the region.

Target, the late mover, has now been put in an awkward position (in the Canadian market) and is now desperately trying to play catch up before it’s too late. However, one good thing about this newly brewing battle is that ultimately the customer will be the victor (due to increased competition).

We at CP  will be sure to keep a keen eye on this new development as great deals are sure to follow.