Target’s Holiday Price Match Policy- Is It For Real? 

Target’s price match policy sounds like a great way to get everything you need for less during the upcoming holiday season, but is it for real?

Turns out, the answer is sort-of- you can save, as long as you shop at the right time.

The way it works is simple- from now until December 24, if you see a qualifying item you bought for less at a competing store’s website or circular, just bring in the competitor’s ad and Target will match the price.

This applies to the following competitor’s stores:,,, &

You must have your original receipt to get the discount- so if you plan to use this program keep them in a safe place!

Sounds good so far- so what’s the catch?

Well there are a few exclusions, but surprisingly they’re not as bad as you might think.

Certain items are not eligible, including: clearance items, limited time or supply items, bundles, special purchases, CityTarget and pricing errors.

Now that sounds like a long list, but in reality that is a small percentage of the items in the store, which means there are still thousands of items for you to pay less for.

Also, the price match policy can not be used the week of November 27-December 1 (Black Friday weekend).

Yes, that sounds unfair too, but there are so many great deals already at that time that you are not really missing out.

Plus, If the item you bought is drastically reduced that week odds are it will be again as we get closer to Christmas, so it shouldn’t really be an issue.

The real issue is how much can you actually save and it seems that answer depends on WHEN you shop.

Once Black Friday passes, all the stores will have most major items on sale. There’ll only a difference of a few dollars between stores.

So to really get the most out of this offer, it pays to shop now.

The stores have just put out their holiday items, so prices are still on the high side, which means if you buy now, you will most likely be able to price match it for less later on.

The later you shop, the greater the item  price  will already be reduced, which means you won’t save much, or anything at all with this policy

Now, for those of you who are notoriously last minute shoppers, this policy has little to offer you. But if you check on it every so often, you might be pleasantly surprised.

For those consumers who like to finish their shopping before Thanksgiving, this has the potential to be a great deal.

So while this policy can save you money, you need to be use it the right way and at the right time to fully capitalize on it.

What do you think of the Target price match policy?  Share your thoughts about it with us below.

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