A large number of filers plan on spending their tax refund on travel, according to a new poll conducted by the Travel Leaders Franchise Group.

The poll found that 57% of respondents said they planned on using either all, or part, of their 2010 tax year refund on a trip.

When asked “What is your ultimate dream international destination?”, the top choice was was Australia, followed by Ireland, New Zealand, and cruising the Mediterranean. Approximately 75% are planning a trip within the US.

According to the poll, 83% plan on spending as much or more on travel than they did last year. 90% said they plan to take a trip for pleasure this year, and 62% have already taken a trip for pleasure during 2011.

The poll had 953 respondents throughout the US, and was taken from March 10th through April 10th, 2011. This is the third year in a row the poll has been taken.

Roger Block, the president of Travel Leaders Franchise Group, said of the poll: “It is clear that when Americans dream about travel, they dream big.  Australia continues to be the ‘ultimate dream’ international destination.  Perhaps the majority who indicated they will use tax refund money for travel could make that dream a reality this year.”