TecTile 2 NFC Stickers Now Available For Samsung Galaxy S4

TecTile 2 NFC Stickers Now Available For Samsung Galaxy S4

Those who bought a Galaxy S4 and were disappointed that their current NFC TecTile stickers weren’t supported by the handset, will be glad to know Samsung’s TecTile 2 stickers are now available for the phone.

The price of TecTile 2 stickers is $14.99 and they come in packs of 5.

They’re available for purchase directly through Samsung and through retail partners.

There are no major changes to the new stickers. Only the format has been changed to support the BCM2007x NFC controller on the handset.

According to Samsung, the new stickers will also be compatible with older Samsung devices featuring NFC.

The tags will also support others devices such as the Google Nexus 4, as it also uses the same NFC controller.

TecTile 2 stickers make use of Samsung’s companion app on Android and can be used for different tasks such as changing settings, opening apps or making phone calls.

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