Less than a month after a viral video sent him from homeless to Hollywood, stories that Ted Williams was arrested were spreading almost as fast as his YouTube appearance did. However, the reports are not completely accurate.

The ‘man with the golden voice’ was picked up by police in Hollywood after a loud altercation with his daughter at the hotel he was staying in. Both parties were taken to the station and held about an hour. When it was determined that no crime was committed both parties were released with no arrest being made.

Williams described the incident as a misunderstanding, though he admitted his daughter had hit him and scratched his face. Daughter Janey, however, describes things a bit differently to Dr Phil. She says the altercation began when her father referred to her as a fat [expletive] and angered her.

Janey also tells of a man still battling a drinking problem though Williams has confessed to now being clean from drugs and alcohol. She said he consumes at least a bottle Grey Goose per night along with Corona, Budweiser and other alcohol. She states that her suddenly famous father needs rehab, not notoriety.

Ted has nine children that are suddenly making an appearance in his life since he has suddenly risen to the top.