With the first batch of leased Model S reaching the end of their three-year terms, Tesla now has used cars it wants to get back on the road.

Following the same approach as it does with new-car sales, if you live in one of the metropolitan markets with a Tesla Service Centre, you can purchase a certified pre-owned Model S. Each car receives a full inspection, the remainder of its original eight year, unlimited mile battery and drivetrain coverage, plus a four year, 50,000 mile limited warranty.

In theory, purchasing directly from the manufacturer should result in lower prices compared to independent used car dealerships. However, since there are so few Tesla’s on the market, it will take quite some time to confirm whether that proves true of not.

One aspect of Tesla’s business model might work in customers’ favour though.

Tesla builds each new vehicle to order, meaning they don’t have the same storage facilities that traditional automakers do. If a high number of Model S were to be returned at the same time, Tesla may be forced to reduce prices simply because it would have no where to put them.

Tesla says its used inventory will be stored at locations around the country. Pre-owned buyers have the option to pick up their vehicle or have it delivered to the nearest Tesla Service Centre for a fee.

You can check the used Model S currently for sale on Tesla’s website. Did you find one you like near you?