Tesla Unveils The Model D: A Self-Driving Super Saloon

Tesla has revealed the Model D, a dual-motor all-wheel drive car that is semi-autonomous.

The P85D is based upon the Model S P85 and gets a second motor at the front to boost the car up to 691 bhp and 687 lb-ft of torque.  That will get the P85D from naught to 60 in just 3.2 seconds, the same time of Tesla CEO Elon Musks’s favorite car – the McLaren F1.  The 85D and 60D are two tenths of a second quicker than their former times as well.

While most cars that get a performance boost have to sacrifice economy, the engineers at Tesla have managed to rework the computers in the D range to manage power more efficiently, resulting in an extra 10 miles per charge. That brings the range of the top model up to 275 miles.

The good news keeps on coming too because the Model D is semi-autonomous.  The Model D can change lanes on its own after the driver puts the signal on and when safe to do so.  Cameras on the car can read speed limit signs and lower the speed of the car to the speed limit if the driver is speeding, which might happen often when one has 691 horsepower at one’s foot.

The most mind boggling feature of all is that the driver can park the car in the driveway, and the Model D can park itself in the garage.  When the car is turned on remotely, it will drive itself out of the garage with the temperature control and radio already set to the driver’s liking.

What’s your favorite feature on the new Model D?

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Consumer Expert Kyle Duffy

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