The 2015 Chrysler Town & Country Voted Best Family Hauler

Minivans! Wait keep reading.

I learned to drive in my parents Chrysler Voyageur. It had a 2.4L turbocharged Mitsubishi engine and all the space a teenager could ever want.

I carted my mountain bikes all over the province in that van, and was able to cram quite a few friends in there. So minivans are not all that bad.

The Chrysler Town & Country has been dubbed the ‘Best Family Hauler’ for the 10th year in a row, by the Detroit News Annual Readers Choice Awards.

It wins so many of these titles due to the comfortable and innovative packaging that assist families in their day to day lives.

It helps that the prices are fair and well below that of the Honda and Toyota vans.

Chrysler invented the segment, and continues to help it evolve with added versatility, such as the ‘Stow n Go’ seating.

The minivan also has enough tech to keep the kids connected and occupied (read quiet) on those long trips to where ever.

The 3.6L Pentastar V6 that produces a healthy 283 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque has won the Ward’s 10 Best Engine award 3 times. It delivers the needed power and a reasonable level of fuel consumption within the segment.

The Town & Country achieves an estimated 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway (13.8/9.4 L/100 km).

“30 years after we invented the segment, the 2015 Chrysler Town & Country minivan continues to appeal to consumers seeking versatility and functionality surrounded by style and more than 40 available safety, security and technology features, said Al Gardner, President and Chief Executive Officer – Chrysler Brand, FCA US. “Selected as ‘Best Family Hauler’ by The Detroit News panel is both appreciated and humbling. It is also proof that we continue to listen to our customers and offer them innovative products that help them to define their lifestyles.”

The 2015 Chrysler Town & Country starts at a U.S MSRP of $29,995.00 (excluding $995 destination).

So before you by the gas guzzling SUV, perhaps you could take a look at a minivan, they may not look cool, but they offer a lot of versatility without costing much to maintain.

Consumer Expert Robert Nichols

Robert is a lifelong car nut. He works as a Technician with 16 years experience and has multiple trade licenses. Having worked on vehicles ranging from Porsche's, fire trucks, trains, and industrial/mining equipment, he has a varied and broad knowledge base to draw on. But his favorite thing to do is drive, be it on two or four wheels.