Mazda has recently released information on the newest member of its 2016 line-up – the Mazda2.

This sub-compact bears a strong family resemblance and takes the KODO design theme to a smaller scale.

Personally I think the Mazda2 looks great, the bold styling of the recent Mazda offerings works very well on the diminutive car, and adds the Zoom Zoom flavour.

The interior is simple, clean and driver focused. By mounting the display screen above the dash and not in the center stack, the interior feels more spacious. However, the screen does look like an aftermarket add-on.

Much like the sporty MX-5, the Mazda2 has only the needed equipment. The limited amount of buttons and switches allows you to focus purely on the road. This approach is safer, provides an easily understood driver interface, and more pleasure to the daily commute.

The Mazda2 will be available with the Mazda Connect system. The system grants access to Bluetooth, hands free text messaging, internet radio and internet connectivity. There is also an SD card based navigation system available. The SD cards can be bought with the car or separately.

Apparently there is room for 5 people. No word though on the size of the 5 passengers. The 2016 model is a bit bigger than the outgoing model, but not enough to make me think I’ll ever fit in the back.

The new design has the wheels pushed out to the corners. This has resulted in more foot room and a more comfortable pedal layout.

In keeping with the families SkyActiv DNA, the Mazda2 has the full range of technology. SkyActiv technology covers the chassis, body, and drivetrain. Through the use of stronger and lighter materials the SkyActiv technologies can boast better safety and handling performance.

The lightweight works in concert with the 1.5L SkyActiv 4 cylinder engine that can be mated to either a 6 speed manual or automatic transmission, to provide improved fuel economy.

Since the model was introduced in 1996, the company has sold over 2.4 million globally. By making it one of the best looking cars in the segment and improving the fun to drive factor, the Mazda2 will no doubt be a serious contender for sub-compact of the year awards.

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