The 7 Best Features Of The Galaxy S4

The 7 Best Features Of The Galaxy S4

In the continuing struggle for smartphone dominance, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has heeded the call laid out by competitors from Google, Apple, Nokia, HTC and the other major players in the mobile market.

Capitalizing on the robust reception received by the previous generation’s SIII, Samsung has intensified the features with these 7 top selections:

Smart Pause, Smart Stay and Smart Scroll

The Galaxy S4 has really stepped it up in the user interface enhancement category. The Smart Pause, Smart Stay and Smart Scroll options allow you to control your smartphone without laying a finger on the impressive super AMOLED screen. Use your eyes to flip through tabs, and institute a pause function on an HD movie by simply looking away from the screen – resume by turning your attention back to the phone.

Air View

There are a wide range of options and accessories attainable by accessing the Settings and My Device Tab; the Samsung Galaxy S4s Air View should become a personal favorite when trying to navigate on the go. Bringing new meaning to the term “interactive mobile device,” a hovering finger swipe gives you impressive access to your screen – without ever actually touching it. Picture galleries, text messages divulge their contents with this minimal interaction.

Snapdragon Processor

With a 2.9 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2GB of onboard RAM, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is more powerful than most netbooks and medium-market laptops. This makes it blazingly fast, given that it doesn’t have nearly the duties as a full-scale ultrabook. Additionally, it edges out its nearest competitor, the HTC One, in performance.

Google Play Edition

There’s no denying the superiority of both the iPhone app and the Google Play app stores, when compared to what other smartphones have to offer. Previous generations of other smartphones have often been sorely lacking in a robust-enough app store to warrant the hefty purchase prices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition solves this problem completely for Samsung users by fully opening up the world of the Android to you. The lock-screen widgets endemic to Android version 4.2.2 are just a few of the treats in store.

High-Touch Sensitivity

The Air View and Smart selections of the Samsung Galaxy S4 should make it no surprise that the phone is very sensitive; in fact, there exists an option that enables gloved interaction. Choosing the High-Touch Sensitivity option in your Settings allows you to manipulate the screen while wearing thin or even thick gloves –it responds slightly better with the former, though.

Integrated Xbox 360 and TV Controller

If you’re an avid gamer, the S4 has another enviable ability that distances itself from its competitors: you can hook it up to an Xbox 360 controller with an inexpensive cord that adapts the phones micro USB slot to the Xbox 360s full USB slot. Set up your S4 on a tripod and go gaming away.  Additionally, you can use the phone as a remote control for almost every acceptable device, with the download of an additional application called WatchOn.

13 Megapixel Camera

The Samsung S4 has a top-of-the-line 13 megapixel camera, and it puts it to good use with another cool feature you won’t find anywhere else. The Best Photo feature snaps 8 pictures in quick succession after you’ve directed it to, and then highlights the best one out of the bunch.