The Volvo Car Group has given us the first glimpse of their all-new XC90.

Volvo has decided to unveil the XC90 from the inside out, disclosing interior features first, building up to the full external reveal in August.

The original XC90 became a global sales leader for Volvo when it was launched in 2002. It revolutionized the SUV segment with its combination of space, versatility and safety.

Volvo is hoping the all-new XC90 will be equally influential.

What is for certain, the upcoming XC90 will dispense with the normal array of buttons and replace them with a large, tablet-like touchscreen, a head-up display and thumb controls on the steering wheel.

Volvo believes this results in an infotainment system which is modern, luxurious, and crucially, easier to use. Drivers can keep their eyes on the road more while operating this system.

Other benefits include a more economical use of interior space and access to integrated cloud-based applications for music streaming and other services.

The XC90 will also have the ability to mirror Apple devices and use iOS on the touchscreen display. It will be the first Volvo car to offer Apple CarPlay, which brings selected features and services such as phone, messages, music and navigation directly from an iPad, iPhone or iPod and into the car.

“As cars increasingly become more connected to the Internet and are able to offer a far wider range of functions and entertainment services, the way in which the driver interacts with the car’s systems is becoming more important,” said Dr. Thomas M. Muller, Vice President Electrics/Electronics and E-propulsion engineering of Volvo Car Group. “It is essential that these services are offered in a way that is easy to understand and optimized for the driving task.”

What do you think of Volvo’s different infotainment design? Will the XC90 change the SUV market again?