The Amazing Spider-Man: Review

The Amazing Spider-Man: Review

In this review, we shall be taking on “The Amazing Spider-Man” which, believe it or not, is already guaranteed to be a better movie than its predecessors, mainly due to the fact that you can’t make a new movie worse than an older version of the movie. Wait, that’s incorrect, have you seen DRED?

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that if you make a film based on a superhero, it should always be better than the previous version, simply because you have much more tools at your disposal, such as actors and special effects.

Those two tools should be strong enough to make an outstanding addition to a superhero franchise, and that’s just what the audience receives with “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

Peter Parker, as we have grown to know him by his real name, is played by Andrew Garfield, who is an up and coming superstar in the film industry.

Andrew has played some major roles in minor movies, and this was his first official attempt at the big screen with big hopes.

Personally, I prefer Andrew over the guy from “Brokeback Mountain,” simply because Garfield’s career is still unknown to most. The low-profile career that he possesses gives him an advantage when playing something of this magnitude, because the critics can’t tear him apart before they even watch the movie.

Another exciting feature in this film compared to other Spider-Man movies is the fact that they’ve stuck to the original comic story line, something the previous 3 movies kind of failed to do.

The previous three movies actually followed the plot somewhat, but left out major development areas which are extremely important not only to make the movie worth watching, but to bring us superhero nerds out of our rooms and into the sunlight to watch a movie.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” is probably the first movie in it’s genre to bring a serious number of people to the box office. And that’s not only including comic book geeks, but an average Joe who loves the idea of bringing their date to the theaters.

No spoilers here, but I’m going to tell you right now that you won’t be seeing the Green Goblin in this movie, or any of the other villains you’ve seen in the past movies.

This time you’ll see Reptile Man and how he failed to do what his dreams led to him to accomplish.

The ultimate fate of Reptile Man is unfortunate, because like in any other superhero movie, the villain usually doesn’t come out on top.

The film doesn’t have Mary Jane in it either, but actually the true first love of Spider-Man – Gwen Stacy, a high school flirt of Peter Parker. Although we haven’t seen Emma Stone in any superhero movies of this magnitude before, you can almost assume she’s going to be just as sexy as she is in any other of the movies she’s played supporting roles in. I know that everyone was expecting an infamous return of Mary Jane in the movie but unfortunately the story line which the director of this movie is following just doesn’t allow for it.

One thing is sure, the movie is filled with romance, crazy fight scenes, smooth coolness and, of course, the sly maneuvers that every Spider-Man fan has grown to love about the superhero.

If you have the time to get out and grab this DVD, it’s suggested you do so. And grab the popcorn too – because it’s going to be a great story with tons of action!