The Amazing Spider-Man… (or should we say ‘Spider-Man, rebooted’?) is still a year away from hitting theaters – but it’s not to early to start the hype.

The stunning new trailer for the film does just that. As seen below, the Spider-Man movie franchise is getting a whole new start. While some die-hard Spider-Man fans were not wild about Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of the web-slinger, it will be kind of strange seeing him as a whole ‘nother person. It’s only been 9 years since whole Toby Maguire version got started. The new Spider-Man is played by Andrew Garfield. He looks pretty darn good in the trailer (below).

Spider-Man has come a long way since he was first introduced in August, 1962, in an Amazing Fantasy comic book. The new Spider-Man movie will be shot in 3D at 5K resolution.

But why reboot? According to multiple sources, a Spider-Man 4 was planned for a September, 2011, release. But the director, Sam Raimi, felt he could not complete the movie without sacrificing artistic integrity. Sony cancelled the movie and hired a new director, Marc Webb, and a whole new cast. Emma Stone plays Peter Parker’s first love, Gwen Stacy.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming…