Twitter and Amazon have announced that they will be working together to make online shopping even easier for consumers.

Now if you are on Twitter and you see an Amazon product, you reply with #AmazonCart (or #AmazonBasket for UK users) and it will automatically put in your Amazon account shopping cart. Then the next time you login to Amazon, the item will be ready for purchase.

It’s relatively easy to setup.

Go to, click the “Get Started” button and fill in your Twitter account info and that’s it. If you tweet #AmazonCart before you have set it up, Amazon will reply with a tweet requesting that you do.

Now when you see something you want to buy while surfing Twitter, you don’t need to bring up another browser window, login to Amazon and type in the description, just tweet the reply and BAM! Done.

Critics claim that this is no more than a huge marketing tool, since customers will be publicly tweeting their purchases. But an Amazon spokesperson replied, “There’s a public nature to social media, particularly with Twitter—which doesn’t have the barriers of other social media tools. We have a significant number of customers who use Twitter, and a significant number of affiliates who use Twitter, too. The next logical step was to combine them.”

Amazon also said that this new system would not be available on all purchases, such as Lightning Deals, when limited ordering time and quantities directly affect the price.

What do you think of the Amazon/Twitter shopping combo?

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