Conrad Murray, the cardiologist and personal physician of pop star Michael Jackson, should be tried for involuntary manslaughter.  This is the outcome of the hearing to determine if the doctor, who was the individual who called 911 to report the acute health problems with the signer, should stand trial.

In the final, harrowing moments of life, Michael Jackson’s personal physician appears to have stalled on calling 911 and once the call was actually placed and paramedics arrived, the good doctor appears to have stalled medical treatment of the star and misled the paramedics and doctors.  Additionally, Dr. Murray abruptly left the hospital before being questioned by police, a possible violation of his license.

In the first few days following the announcement of the death of the pop star, it was clear to many that Dr. Murray was trying to cover something up.  As it turns out, at least two members of Michael Jackson’s personal staff say that Murray was panicked and “drenched in sweat” when asked about the final moments of Jackson’s life.

At the center of the controversy is the fact that Murray was administering to Jackson propofol – a very potent sedative hypnotic that is almost exclusively reserved for the operating room.  It seems that the pop star was addicted to this potent GABA receptor agonist and the doctor interpreted his job as the hired personal physician to treat the pop star by feeding this fatal habit.  The fact that the therapeutic index for propofol is very small indicates that the difference between “useful pain relief” and death is razor thin and on that fateful night, it seems that that fine line was crossed and Jackson succumbed to his addiction.