The Bachelorette – Former Reject Now Feels Like Cinderella

The Bachelorette – Former Reject Now Feels Like Cinderella

A new season of the Bachelorette is here and 27 year old Bachelor reject Desiree Hartsock is the new Bachelorette!

“I feel like Cinderella,” the Colorado native repeated several times during the first few minutes of the show, as she went on to remind viewers about her humble past.

Back in season 17 of The Bachelor, Desiree confided to then Bachelor Sean Lowe that she grew up without money and spent most of her childhood living in tents and trailer parks.

The most memorable moment for Desiree in season 17 was at the hometown dates. Then Bachelor Sean met a not so nice potential brother-in-law (Desiree’s brother Nate) who accused him of being a “Player”. Desiree was then sent home over Catherine.

Now Desiree has a second chance at finding love, but this time she is in charge and ready to find her prince charming among this season’s 25 Bachelors.

In this season’s premiere six Bachelors were sent home. The reject group include a magician, a marketing manager who dressed up as a Knight in shining armor, and an ER Doctor who couldn’t get his dance steps right.

There were a few Bachelors that stood out, such as Nick (the Iraq War Veteran), Drew (the first one out of the limo – super cute and seemed genuine), and finally Ben, who brought Brody, his 4 year old, to meet Desiree.

Little Brody was super adorable as he handed Desiree a flower. “I wish i could go to the party,” he said as he was taken back to grandma in the limo. Don’t worry Brody, 17 more years and you’ll be able to “join the party.”

At the cocktail party the men pulled out all their tricks to get a rose. Some did so effortlessly.

Others had a harder time. One of these was Jonathan, who continued to ask Desire to come to the “fantasy suite.” Desiree told him she is not that kind of girl, but poor Jonathan was way too drunk to comprehend that he will not be getting Desiree tonight. Desiree becomes uncomfortable and tells him to leave the show.

It’s time for the rose ceremony. Desire hands out the final roses. Nineteen make it through to next week.

Based on a preview of the rest of the season, it seems like there will be another case of someone with a girlfriend, heartbreak, lots of crying, and exotic travel destinations.

I’m usually all caught up on the spoilers before the season starts. But this time I’ll try not to read them, so I can see if I can correctly guess which of the bachelors will make the final cut.

Do you think Desiree will find love, or is she doomed to fail like the rest of the unsuccessful bachelorettes so far?

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