The Bachelorette Recap Ep 9 – Desiree’s rejects tell all!

The Bachelorette Recap Ep 9 – Desiree’s rejects tell all!

In tonight’s special episode of The Bachelorette, the most memorable men of the season came back to discuss the season so far – and they didn’t hold anything back!

Chris Harrison started the evening by showing us a clip of the viewing parties he and Des attended.

They were joined by several of The Bachelor’s successful couples and I’m  sure this was production’s way of reminding us that this process works…Yea sure Mike Fleiss, four people out of twenty something seasons is a great measure of success.

This time, Desiree met with three of the former bachelorettes to get advice on how to handle the guys at the reunion. After that, it was time to meet with the rejected bachelors. Some of them, I couldn’t even remember, but most importantly the notorious men were present.

The Bryan situation could not be fully addressed because he declined the invitation to the reunion. If you remember, Bryan was the one who had a girlfriend and a kid at home while he was on the show. I guess we’ll never know Byran’s side of the story.

Ben was accused of using his son to lure Desiree in and also for causing drama in the house. One of the men reported that Ben’s ex girlfriend (his son’s mom) approached him in Vegas and told him that Ben was not a great father. Ben was visibly hurt by the accusations as he began to choke up on his words. He denied all the allegations and maintained that he was there for Desiree and not to be friends with the guys. In all the past seasons of this show, that strategy has never worked out for anyone. Let this be a lesson for potential contestants on this show.

James was next in the hot seat. Someone heard him say he wanted to be the next bachelor. James tried to clear the air, but some of the men did not agree with his side of the story. James did not actually say that he wanted to be the bachelor, but he agreed to let Mikey pair him up with some good women if they didn’t make it on the show.

After that, it turned into a battle of who said what and who didn’t. The funniest part of this whole thing was the camera zooming in at the judgmental facial reaction from the audience. IMO, many of these men come on this show to get some exposure and maybe fall in love. James was just very vocal about it and that caused his exit from the show

Venezuelan native and crowd favorite Juan Pablo was up next. How is it possible that the person with the least amount of screen time on the bachelorette is the most popular among the ladies?

I’m guessing it’s his cute accent and smoothness that make the ladies go gaga.

Juan Pablo is still single and is looking for a partner and mom for his daughter Camila… Any takers? May be the franchise is gearing him up to be the first Latin Bachelor and i think he would be great.

Recently rejected Bachelor, Zak W. aka my McDreamy, was up next to talk about what went wrong in his relationship with Desiree.

Zak is still heartbroken at the way things ended and wishes it would have worked out differently. He is still single and wants so badly to find someone so he can get out of the dark place he’s been in for many years. He has some questions for Desiree and Chris reassures him she will be joining them in a moment.

Desiree finally joins the men.

She addresses the James and Ben situation and then Zak… who asks her why she let him go.

Desiree felt that he hid behind his smile all the time and she wasn’t sure if he was being honest with her. Zak thanked her for the reflection as he performed an emotional goodbye song. Some of the audience members were in tears by the end of the song. Someone seriously find this guy a good woman or let him be the next bachelor.

Chris ended the night by showing a preview of the two-part dramatic season finale of The Bachelorette and it seems like Desiree doesn’t find love… but is this just another one of production’s attempt at throwing us off.

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