The bachelorette and the 11 remaining bachelors head off to Germany to continue their tour around the world and let’s not forget-Find Love.

The men take a tour around the city of Munich and later on meet with Chris Harrison, who has nothing better to do than remind the guys how the dates will go.

Date card arrives and Chris is excited go on a date with Des. They tour the city of Munich and like any typical tourist use a mini dictionary to guide them around.

Des and Chris are having a ball of fun dancing to folk music, goofing off, eating German delicacies and nothing could ever go wrong on this date. Except Bryden, who shows up on their date and decides he can’t stay one more minute longer on the show. Bryden’s reason for leaving is “He’s not really feeling it.”.

According to Reality Steve, Bryden may have quit the show because he had a girlfriend waiting for him at home. There were pictures on instagram of Bryden and his girlfriend kissing right before the show started filming. So she, as well as production, must have known this was going to happen at some point.

Makes you wonder how many contestants production let in  for the sake of potential drama. Desiree braces herself, continues the date with Chris where they enjoy a diner-Au-chandelle and a private concert with Matt White. Sparks flew and so did smooches. Chris is confident that they’re both falling in love. He gets the rose.

It’s the group dates and the men head up the German Alps for a day of sledding and snowball fights. Brooks and Des finally get some one on one time and Des won’t even let him finish talking as she plants a kiss on him. So much chemistry between those two. The other men are so desperate for some one on one time and some resolved to yodeling,while others like James chose to complain about not getting enough attention from Desiree. Brooks get the rose and James is pissed

The 2 on 1 date is left and Michael G. is dreading spending the day with Ben. One of them will go home and he hopes to use this date to expose Ben’s shenanigans specifically for “fraud and impersonation of a southern gentleman” as he put it.  They spend the afternoon on the lake in awkward silence as Des tries to reduce the tension between both men. At dinner the men continue to bicker and clash over morals while poor Des just sat there. Ben walks out, Des follows and they get some one on one time. They head back in and Michael G. gets his turn to tell Des what’s on his mind. After hearing what Michael has to say about Ben, she hands him the rose. Ben couldn’t care less, he’s ready to party in Munich as he exits the show.

The men are ecstatic about Ben’s departure and they hope that James follows suit. Some of the men overheard James talking about potentially becoming the next bachelor and they fully intend to expose anyone not there for the “right reasons.” They’re itching to inform Desiree of this recent news but unfortunately Chris Harrison announces that there will be no cocktail party tonight. Desiree hands out the roses to 8 men remain.

Next week the men are headed to Barcelona and the drama between James and the remaining bachelors continuous. Who do you see as a front runner so far?