In week 6 Desiree and the eight remaining men travel to Barcelona, the city of love.

Desiree believes Barcelona is the perfect place to fall in love… but is there ever a city on the Bachelorette that isn’t perfect for falling in love?

The men are still planning  to address the situation with James, who isn’t here for the right reasons when Chris Harrison shows up with the date cards. He informs them to use their time wisely because there will not be a cocktail party this week.

Drew Kenny gets the first date, and Desiree is excited to have this date with Drew because he is so passionate about romance. They spend the afternoon on the streets of Barcelona listening to quitaristas, drinking from a wish fountain, and later that afternoon, Drew shares a personal story about his dad. Desiree is touched by his depth and feels closer to Drew.

During dinner they can barely keep their hands off each other and Drew decides to pull Desiree away for some private time without the cameras watching. Unfortunately for him, Mike Fleiss and his camera men are parked out on every corner of the street.

They share a hot and steamy kiss and Desiree rewards him with a rose. Drew takes this moment to inform Desiree about the James situation. Desiree is flabbergasted by the news.

At the group dates, the men spend the afternoon playing soccer against girls. As if that’s not embarrassing enough, the girls win 10-2 and the men blame James for his lack of effort as their goalie.

Later that evening, the men confront James about his insincerity with Desiree. They overhear James tell another contestant that if he makes final 4, he has a good shot at being the next bachelor. James does not exactly deny it, and the men have a heated conversation. Desiree sends the men home without a rose and pulls James aside to talk.

Nothing gets resolved and the men are disappointed that he’s still here.

Zach W. gets the third date and he’s hoping that the drama from last night doesn’t have an effect on his date. They spend the afternoon in a live art class drawing a nude model. Zach decides to break the tension by posing as a model. They spend some quality time at dinner and Desiree gives him the rose.

Back at the mansion, the men are still not over the James drama.

Desiree shows up with intentions to send James home, but James is not ready to give up. He tries to convince a tearful Des to let him stay. At the rose ceremony, Des decides to follow her heart as she sends home James, Juan Pablo, and Kasey Stewart.

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