The Bachelorette Recap Episode 8 – Meet the Parents!

The Bachelorette Recap Episode 8 – Meet the Parents!

In tonight’s episode, the bachelorette and the 4 remaining men head back to the United States to introduce Desiree to their families.

Zak W. got the first hometown date and they spent the afternoon talking about what it would be like to meet his family. Later on, they drove Zak’s family snow cone business truck to a school where Zak dressed up as a penguin while Desiree made sno cones and interacted with the kids. After a fun day with the kids, it was time to meet the family.

Desiree had a chat with Zak’s mom who told her “what you see is what you get” and his sister was horrified to know that Zak walked into the show shirtless.

His mom could tell that he was really in love with Desiree and the two seemed like a great couple. Zak and his siblings ended the night singing a song that they wrote for Desiree.

It was very sweet of his family to do that. Afterwards, Zak spent some private time with Des where he gave her a promise/hope ring and told Desiree he was in love.Zak is such a sweet and genuine guy, but for some reason I don’t see Desiree picking him in the end. Don’t you think he’d be a great candidate for the next season of The Bachelor?

Desiree flew in to Scottsdale, Arizona to meet Drew for her second home town date. They visited his sister Melina , who is severely handicapped. At his parent’s house, Desiree spent some one on one time with his Dad where they had an emotional conversational about his daughter Melina and Desiree is very touched by his words. Drew’s family is very supportive of their relationship and they hope that Drew and Desiree make it to the end.

It has to be very awkward for the bachelors families to give their approval knowing that Desiree has 3 other men to choose from.

Chris gets the next date and they spend the afternoon where he used to play professional baseball. Afterwards, Desiree shows him the sketches she drew of all their dates . These two have a special way of showing how much they care about each other.

Chris through his poetry and Desiree through her sketches. After meeting his parents, Chris mentions that Desiree tweaked her back during one of their dates and it so happens that his dad, George, is a chiropractor. They head downstairs where he massages an uncomfortable Desiree. The talk with both parents went well but they were especially worried about their son getting hurt again because his last serious relationship was a disaster.

They end the night with a kiss and it’s time for Desiree to head off to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet with Brooks who still has some concerns about their relationship. He is the only guy left who hasn’t told Desiree that he loves her and she can feel that he’s holding something back during their date at the park. She reassures him by sharing a note she wrote about their special moments. Brooks is pleased by the gesture as they head off to meet with his energetic family. They instantly like Desiree and are supportive of their relationship. His mom has some reservations about their relationship but she reassures Desiree that Brooks will be ready to propose when he meets the right girl.

Brooks seems like a one of the normal ones. It’s hard to think about marriage with someone you’ve known for only a month and had to share with 16 other people.

Desiree heads back to her villa where she has a one on one with her brother Nate, who is notorious for ruining her chances at love with former bachelor, Sean Lowe. She has not spoken to Nate since the show ended in October and wants to make sure he doesn’t ruin her chances at finding love again. If you recall,during the hometown dates in Sean’s season, Nate called Sean a “Player” and said some other nasty remarks that ultimately led to Desiree’s exit from the show. He assures her that as long as she’s confident and sure about who she wants, he won’t get in the way.

Before the rose ceremony Desiree tells Chris Harrison that she’s ready to get married and hopes that it will be Brooks at the end. Well, if she already knows who she wants, why string the rest along?

It’s no shocker that she eliminates Zak W, who is devastated by the news. She gives him a tearful apology and returns the promise ring he gave her. Zak is heartbroken as we see him throw the promise ring out the window during his limo exit. Don’t you worry Zak, I’m sure you’ll find love soon enough.

Don’t forget to tune in next week for the Men Tell All Episode of The Bachelorette.

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