The Banyak Islands: A Piece of Paradise

A trip to the Banyak Islands in Sumatra, Indonesia, will make you feel as though you have your own deserted piece of paradise. The islands are surrounded by immaculate white sand beaches and clear turquoise water.

The remote Indonesian islands are located off the West Coast of Sumatra and have not yet attracted hoards of tourists. Many of the Banyak Islands only have one or two hotels and others are completely deserted.

Accommodation options range from budget bungalows to luxury resorts.

The main point of entry to Sumatra, Indonesia, for International flights is Medan’s Kuala Namu International Airport.  There are daily flights from Medan to Singhil, on Sumatra’s West Coast. Ferries or local boats leave daily from Singhil to Balai, the biggest village in the Banyak Islands.

As well as lounging on the deserted beaches, there are more active pursuits to be enjoyed in the Banyak Islands.

These Indonesian islands are home to some world-class surf breaks. Stay in one of the floating surf camps for easy access to waves.

Hotels offer kayaks for rent and you can explore the archipelago and get access to completely deserted islands. Camping equipment can also be rented for multiple day kayak trips.

The beautiful sea life and corral around the islands make for fantastic snorkeling.

Regardless of the activities you choose, a trip to the Banyak Islands will offer access to incredible unspoilt nature.

Consumer Expert Alaena Bateman

Alaena is a freelance writer and translator. Her passion for traveling has helped her develop insight into the tourism industry around the world.