The Best & Worst of Black Friday 2016: What To Buy, Where, & When…

Black Friday 2016 will be here before you know it, and to save you time, and money, I searched to find out where the best deals will be and how you can get them.

The truth is, not every Black Friday sale is a good one, so I contacted my good friend, consumer expert Kyle from Rather-Be-Shopping, who gave me the scoop on what to buy, where to buy it, and when, so you get the most out of your shopping experience.

What NOT to Buy

Black Friday has deals on everything, but some of those deals are misleading. As Kyle pointed out, and I’ve said countless times, many of the “big” deals, like on TV’s, aren’t worth it.

Most of the TV sales are on low-budget models like Scepter from Walmart or Element from Target.

Never heard of them? Well, that’s my point. You’re getting a “deal” on merchandise that isn’t worth ANY price.

Yes, some big-name brands are on sale too, but they are few and the prices are not the best- wait a few weeks and you’ll get a great deal on name brand merchandise.

Here’s what to avoid on Black Friday:

Name Brand TV’s: Except for a 1 or 2-day sale window a week or so before Christmas (see below), the best time to buy is after Christmas, as prices are reduced all through January.

Christmas Toys: The best prices are 9-10 days before Christmas, as retailers try to lure in last-minute sales and shoppers.

Fitness Equipment: Retailers offer the best deals in January, when most people look to start off the new year fresh and healthy.

Winter Apparel: The best prices for winter clothing happen late January, towards the end of the season. Demand is too high in November for a good deal.

Tools: According to Kyle, tools are best bought around Father’s Day, with prices an average 30% lower than Black Friday.

So, what should you buy on Black Friday? Here’s Kyle’s suggestions, along with

What to Buy

Clearance Apparel: Fall clothing prices are slashed from 65-75%, making it the perfect time to buy.

Tablets: This is the best time for tablets, as they are one of the biggest draws for buyers. Of special note: the Samsung Galaxy 4 is expected to be under $80 at Best Buy and the iPad Pro will be $100 less at Best Buy.

XBox One and PS4 Games: Discounts will be 20-30%, with older games discounted up to 75% off.

Apple Products: Except for the iPhone 7, Apple products should be on sale across the board. But Kyle points out that the best deals will not be in the Apple store, but at retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy.

When to Buy

Finally, Kyle has come up with a list of specific dates, based on sales trends over the last 13 years, of when to buy specifically for certain merchandise. Here are his 2016 predictions:

Christmas Toys: Thursday, December 15th.
Stocking Stuffers: Monday, December 12th.
Apparel and Shoes: Friday, December 16th. (Free Shipping Day)
HDTV’s: Weekend of December 9 – 11th.
Laptops: Tuesday, December 13th.
PS4 and Xbox: Thursday, December 15th.
Winter Apparel: Thursday, December 8th.
Jewelry/Wedding Bands: December 13 – 16th.
Fitness Gear: Saturday, December 10th.
Kitchen Stuff: Friday, December 16th.
Personalized Gifts: Tuesday, December 13th.

What do you think of these Black Friday 2016 shopping tips?

Let us know your Black Friday shopping strategy below, and be sure to follow all my latest consumer news reports on Twitter!

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