So the intro cinematic for Civilization: Beyond Earth came out, and it cycles from crushingly depressing to hopefully inspiring – all in a span of three minutes.

Most Civilization games put the player in the detached position of a demi-god weighing the pros and cons of each decision to achieve victory – one way or another.

That is still the focus of the Beyond Earth, with promises of Affinities and Tech Webs that will shape the future of their chosen people on the new world.

Yet this cinematic pulls the viewer back to the heart of it all – witnessing the pains of loss, the power of faith, the gleam of ambition and the sparkling hope that comes with the promise of a better tomorrow.

This is done through the eyes of multiple characters in the cinematic, with the first two making up a significant portion of the  story’s emotional pull:

• A bedraggled father struggling to bring his daughter out from the refugee camps to the launch site
• A daughter who realizes she has been chosen to leave behind everything for the new world
• An Eastern Orthodox priest blessing a vessel and bidding his goodbyes the only way he can
• An ecstatic team of Mission Control engineers celebrating a successful launch
• A newly-awakened woman whose eyes glitter at seeing the pristine world laying before her

Civilization: Beyond Earth comes out for PC on October 24, 2014.