The deCordova Art Museum: A Unique Experience

In the little town of Lincoln, Massachusetts, there is a small modern art museum that is unlike any other.

The deCordova includes a sculpture park and a museum, so visitors can enjoy the art as they walk around the grounds.

The benefit of having a sculpture park is that a large portion of the art is on a larger scale, and visitors can interact with it in a different way.

For example, there is a work called “The Musical Fence” (pictured) which consists of metal tubes that visitors are encouraged to run a stick across to produce notes.

The artists often use the landscape around the museum in a certain way, creating a truly individual piece of art. The audience is struck by the variety of materials used, and how they are used to create the art.

Many smaller statues are scattered around the area, in the parking lot, by the entrance gate, so that the viewer is basically surrounded by art.

These is also an indoors museum, that often features exhibits by contemporary artists. These usually consist of smaller sculptures and paintings that cannot be placed outside.

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