The Fault in Our Stars, a renowned novel by John Green, has been turned into a beautiful, moving film.

The movie depicted the characters in a great way. Gus was the egotistical, confident man he was meant to be. Hazel was the depressed, loving woman. And together they were deeply in love.

The theater was packed with huge groups of people who shared laughs, many tears, and lots of candy during the performance I went to.

I have never been to a movie where so many people have simultaneously cried, and I thought the family aspect that many people in the theater had was amazing.

My emotions were completely moved by this film. I thought the film would end up as “just another love story,” but the movie changed my perspective on illnesses and how thankful I am for living a healthy life.

One interesting thing I found was that the line “The Fault in Our Stars” was not used in the movie. The famous “Okay? Okay.” line was found many times.

What did you think of The Fault in Our Stars?

And of course, which was better for you, the book or the movie?