The Flash: Going Crazy For You

The Flash confronts Shawna Baez/Peek-A-Boo, a teleporting metahuman manipulated by her criminal boyfriend, while Barry meets a new love interest in Linda Park. Meanwhile, Cisco makes a deal with Hartley as they try to investigate what happened to Ronnie.

This episode, curiously enough, takes a couple of supporting characters from Wally West’s run as the Flash. Peek-A-Boo was also a sympathetic villainess, though with a drastically different origin story, being a criminal mainly to save her father. Though many aspects are changed when adapting a comic book, it is a shame that her original motivation was changed, as she could have made an excellent foil for Barry. The CGI used for her teleportation is rather effective and one of the best uses of it in this show.

Linda Park was a love interest to Wally, while in the show, she is one to Barry. Their chemistry works fine so far, but treating her or Wally as interchangeable is rather suspect. Not to mention this show could use a break from the relationship drama, and the use of Linda, Caitlin’s interest, and Iris’s hint of jealousy only seems to further that.

The subplot with Cisco and Hartley advances the mystery of Ronnie, Martin Stein, and Firestorm. Cisco actually displays some smarts in freeing Hartley with caution to investigate the incident, but Hartley out-gambits him and escapes. It does make one wonder why did Cisco not think of hiding the handcuffs with a coat or something. We will see an advancement of his story next week, which should be exciting.

While there are no major story developments beside that, the ending shows another promising teaser of Gorilla Grodd. His inclusions have been well done, with Grodd appearing rather threatening and mysterious rather than too goofy.

“Crazy For You” develops mostly the relationships of the characters, even if the romantic plots can be a bit too much. A breather episode is somewhat necessary since the show is entering the second half, and the plot will be heavier from here.

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