The Flash: “Flash vs. Arrow” Review

Oliver and his crew arrive at Central City to hunt down rogue mercenary Digger Harkness. Barry looks forward to working together with the vigilante, despite Joe and Wells’s protests.

However, metahuman crook Roy G. Bivolo AKA Prism uses his superpowers to amplify Barry’s emotions. Now, Oliver must try to stop an emotional, rampaging Barry and end Prism’s crime-spree.

Considering how several Arrow elements have been introduced before this crossover (Arrow, Felicity, Clock King), the crossover element does not feel as surprising or innovative as it should. The only new dynamic introduced is Diggle’s introduction at Barry’s world, which is used in a very amusing way.

The interaction between Oliver and Barry continues to evolve, with the former mentoring the latter, while Barry continues to admire Oliver. Prism’s alteration of Barry’s emotions is a great demonstration of Barry’s bottled-up frustration that otherwise would not come out.

While Joe’s complaints about the Arrow are legitimate, Wells’s distrust and discovery of his identity is alarming. Eddie’s growing conflict with the Flash is also an interesting wrinkle, and is more interesting considering his possible connection to Reverse Flash.

An unexpected surprise was Oliver’s baby momma, Sandra Hawke. Hopefully more will be done with this moment, because otherwise it barely fits with the events and themes of the episode.

Overall, while the “crossover” aspect of the episode was downplayed, it was an enjoyable episode full of humor, several story arcs in motion, and an impressive showdown between Flash and Arrow.

What did you think about the first part of this cross0ver? Looking forward to the second half tomorrow? Sound off in the comments below!

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