When Barry, Joe, and the others are chasing after Eobard Thawne, he unleashes one of this deadliest experiments, Gorilla Grodd, to keep them occupied. Meanwhile, Iris does not react well to everyone hiding the truth from her.

Spoilers ahead.

After nearly a season of build-up, Grodd finally arrives to the show. When the show was first announced, Grodd was far from being in the “most likely” lists, since he is a telepathic, talking gorilla, requiring advanced special effects and questionably fitting in the more realistic tone of the shows. Needless to say, fans were surprised to see him appear as a featured villain.

This show has an interesting take on him, being portrayed as a horror movie monster, between the dimly-lit sewers, creepy drawings, Grodd’s predatory hunt, and the mind control. It works mostly to hide the low-budget effects on him, but it also makes him stand out from the other metahuman villains we’ve seen.

Joe and Barry’s web of deception towards Iris comes to an end as she finds out everything, and is justifiably upset at them. This subplot has been a weak spot throughout the season, so seeing it being cleared up is satisfying, even if it comes a bit too late. The speech Iris gives to a disoriented Flash is melodramatic, but she does feel like a fitting addition to Flash’s team now that Eobard is gone.

Speaking of him, Eobard continues to torture Eddie with knowledge about the Thawne family and the future. Eddie is one of the more likable characters in the show, so it is heartbreaking to see him like that. One has to wonder whether Eobard is just doing this to mess with him or is he planning to drive him into a darker path.

“Grodd Lives” succeeds on a strong, anticipated villain, and taking advantage of his goofy premise by both making him serious, but not too much. The resolution to a long-term storyline and a new addition to the team definitely help.

What did you think of this episode? Was Eobard hiding in the old generator the whole time or is he building a second one?

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