“Power Outage” pits The Flash against a double threat, resulting in a tense, but entertaining episode.

New metahuman Farooq, an energy “vampire”, seeks revenge against Doctor Wells and uses his electric powers to create a city blackout. He also drains The Flash from his powers, making Wells and the STAR Labs crew vulnerable.

To make matters worse, criminal William Tockman takes advantage of the blackout and holds the police station hostage. He has Joe and Iris among the hostages.

Barry tries to reason with Farooq and appeal to his humanity, but is unsuccessful. Wells takes a more ruthless approach and frees Tony Woodward from his cell, promising him his freedom if he kills Farooq.

At the police station, Eddie tries to take down Tockman, but is shot and left bleeding for his efforts. The increasingly desperate gunman takes Iris as a single hostage, but not before she takes him down.

Woodward fights Farooq, but is gravely wounded and dies in front of Barry. Barry finds out about Wells’ plan and calls him out, and later tries to restore his powers to no avail.

Wells offers himself to Blackout so they others can escape. Seeing Wells being hurt triggers Barry’s powers back, and he uses them to overload Farooq.

Barry makes peace with Wells, Tockman is once again arrested, and Eddie is hospitalized. However, Wells takes a blood sample from Farooq’s corpse to find out how exactly he stole Barry’s powers.

“Power Outage” was able to juggle Farooq and Tockman as threats well, making them sympathetic, fleshed-out villains. The conflict with Barry and Wells’s moralities was also intriguing. Iris saving the day, with help from Eddie and Joe, was also satisfying.

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